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Competitive Real Estate Marketing

Our Clients:

When real estate professionals need competitive marketing that distinguishes their listings from the rest, they call us.  Our clients reach larger audiences, receive higher offers, and attract future listings.  Yes, our marketing works.

Realtor Series Advantages:

  • Economical Version of our Luxury Builder series

  • Boost Top Search Rankings

  • 48-Hour Delivery

  • Professional & Courteous

  • Licensed & Insured

Professional MLS Photos with Slideshow Video $300

Professional MLS Photos

  • Up to 35 Photos

  • Clear, See-Thru Windows

  • MLS & Web Optimized

  • Large Print Files

  • 1.5 Hour Photo Session

Slideshow Tour Video

  • Unbranded w/link for MLS

Free Sunset-Conversion Photo

  • Boost Zillow Search Rankings

  • Reach Unrepresented Buyers

  • Rely on Photographers with
    10+ Years Experience

Add Aerial Photos $125

Aerial Photos

  • Water & Golf Views

  • Nearby Features

  • Outdoor Living

  • Lot Layout

  • Raised Front Exposure

Increase Buyer Interest

  • Location, Location, Location

Add Evening & Sunset Photos $275

Showcase the Home's Light

  • Accent Lighting

  • Landscape Lights

  • Pool Lights

  • Fire Features

  • Window Glow

Increase Buyer Interest

  • Boost Top Search Rankings

  • Stand Out

Our Exclusive Evening Photo Processing
Add Video Tour $275

Superior Quality

  • Distinguishing

  • High-End Feel

Increase Buyer Interest

  • Open House Attendance

  • Online Engagement


+ Add Aerial Footage $125
+ Add 8 Motion Tags $50

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do you do staging? - Due to liability issues, we cannot move funiture, decorations, personal hygiene products, etc. Your shoot will be more efficient with better results if the property is photo-ready when we arrive. Click HERE to see our tips for getting your property ready to photograph.

  • Can you touch up the sky or change the color of the water? - Absolutely! Things like the sky and the color of bodies of water can change greatly due to lighting and weather. We are happy to make these items look their best while still looking natural and not misrepresenting the property.

  • What if the weather is bad during my appointment time? - Weather can be unpredictable, so we watch the forecasts daily.  If it is raining, we will work with you to reschedule a better time.  If it is overcast, we will digitally enhance the skies to be blue.  We aim to please.

  • Are you commercially licensed to fly a drone? - Yes! CineVista Media is fully licensed and insured for commercial drone operations. We are always up to date on all federal regulations. We even have actual airplane pilots on our staff so that you can be sure all of our drone flights are safe and legal. Click HERE for more information.

(800) 910-4771

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